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Fecha de Publicación : 28/05/2021

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship launched in 2009 a Translation Support Programme to promote the translation of works by Argentine authors and encourage their printing in foreign languages with the aim of  disseminating our imagery, ideas and values abroad.

These works can be chosen from within the different literary genres and they may be by both classic and contemporary Argentine authors, whose themes are representative of the country’s national identity.

To date, over 1472 books involving more than 420 Argentine authors were translated into 49 languages, covering a diversity of genres ranging from young literature, contemporary poetry, stories to academic articles and historical texts, among others.

Amount of the grant: USD 3.200

The deadline for submitting the application's forms is 30 of September of 2021.

More info: http://programa-sur.cancilleria.gob.ar/en/index.php

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